FBI: Hubbard Association of Scientologists International; Also Known As: Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation

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FBI: Ronald Lafayette Hubbard, aka L. Ron Hubbard

FBI: Letter from Director John Edgar Hoover to [?]

Re: Letter from [?] to FBI of October 3, 1969, attached.

FBI: Ronald Lafayette Hubbard, AKA L. Ron Hubbard

FBI: Ronald Lafayette Hubbard; Hubbard Explorational Company, Ltd.

In the past, Hubbard has corresponded with this Bureau and the Department of Justice on several occasions for various reasons, including complaints about his wife and about alleged communists. In one lengthy letter in May 1951, it is perhaps noteworthy that Hubbard stated that while he was in his apartment on February 23, 1951, about two or three o’clock in the morning, his apartment was entered. He was knocked out. A needle was thrust into his heart to produce a coronary thrombosis and he was given an electric shock. He said his recollection of this incident was now very blurred, that he had no witnesses and that the only other person who had a key to the apartment was his wife.

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