FBI: Letter from [?] to Senator Pete Wilson; US Reps Vic Fazio, Robert Matsui, Don Edwards

See also: Freedom April/May 1985 “Videotapes of Federal Informant Reveal Bizarre Government Plot to Destroy Church.”

FBI: Letter from Lawrence A. Katz Assistant Director, Identification Division, FBI

Encloses the following documents:

  1. Subpoena: Nick Stames, Assistant Director, Identification Division, FBI (22 March 1983)
  2. Commission to Take Deposition Out Of State: (Nick Stames) (2 March 1983)
  3. Order That Commissions Issue For Taking Deposition Outside California (2 March 1983)
  4. Notice of Taking Deposition Outside of California (Nick Stames)
  5. Cover sheet (1 blue certification cover sheet; and copy of 1 fingerprint card.) Deleted.

FBI: Letter from Public Affairs Rep Gregory Layton to FBI

With the following documents:

  1. International Herald Tribune (1980, 3 March) Court in France Recognizes Cult, Acquits Ex-Head
  2. France: Fraud Case Appeal (Extracts of the Judgement 29 Feb 1980)

FBI: Letter from American Citizens for Honesty In Government Milt Wolfe to Attorney General Griffin Bell

Attaches an affidavit by former FBI employee  Joseph Alfred Burton, signed 5 October 1978.

FBI: Letter from Henning Heldt, Irene Mele, Greg Willardson, John Lake and Dick Weigand to SAC Ted Gunderson, FBI


  1. Information Sheet Irene Mele
  2. Information Sheet John Anthony Bruce Lake
  3. Information Sheet Richard Philip Weigand
  4. Information Sheet Henning Heldt
  5. Information Sheet Gregory Bruce Willardson
  6. False Report Correction of The Russell Cicero Affidavit
  7. Affidavit of Russell Cicero of 19 May 1978
  8. Affidavit of Barbara Petrovich of 16 June 1978
  9. Affidavit of Mary Heldt of 16 June 1978
  10. Affidavit of Mark W. Fisk of 16 June 1978
  11. Affidavit of Valerie Lisa of 16 June 1978
  12. Affidavit of Rev. Henning Heldt of 14 June 1978
  13. Affidavit of Judy Weigand of 16 June 1978
  14. Affidavit of Rev. Fredric S. Swartz of 16 June 1978
  15. Affidavit of Jane McNairn of 16 June 1978
  16. Affidavit of Judy Willardson of 16 June 1978
  17. Affidavit of Christine Anne Lake of 18 June 1978
  18. Affidavit of Cargill P. Boyd of 20 May 1978
  19. Affidavit of Robert Sarno of 19 June 1978
  20. Statement of Russell Cicero of 19 May 1978

FBI: Civil Subpoena: John Doe; Notice of Deposition; Memo

FBI: Notice of Entry

FBI: Judgment

FBI: Order Re FBI Internal, Memoranda

The Government seeks an exception to this Court’s Order of August 8 1977, which would permit the FBI to retain certain internal FBI memoranda containing information garnered from documents held to have been seized from the Church of Scientology of California (hereinafter “Church” or “Church of Scientology”) in contravention of the Fourth Amendment.

FBI: Letter from D/Guardian Legal WW Charles B. B. Parselle to Director Clarence M. Kelley

Re: Statutory Declaration of Lorraine A. Coventry of 3 May 1974, attached.